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Mission Statement

 To provide the wargames community and collectors with a range of wargames 20mm wargame figures that embrace three pillars of Cost Quality and accuracy


The first large project will be the South Pacific/South east Asia other areas of interest we will include are Korean war 1952, Winter war, North West European theatre and North Africa. You can expect to see many more periods and genres over the next few years. We hope you will engage with us so we deliver what the wargames community want from us.


We currently operate in both UK and Spain. Due to the uncertainty of BREXIT we will continue this way until further notice. Most of our business will be internet based however we will attend selective shows in the EU and UK.


151 Calle Lo Barquero Buzon 134 Lo Santiago 30590,
Gea Y Truyols Murcia Spain
Spain +34 673681837

The Team

Brian Sweeny

Managing Director

Wargaming has been my hobby for over 50 years, so what better way to continue this fascination with my hobby than to make some figures ranges for my favourite period WW2.

Supporting us in this project we have two digital sculptors doing vehicles and artillery (Oliver Piotrowski & Jay Miller) and three traditional Sculptors making the soldiers (Martin Baker, Yann Hoarau & Dario Biancheri) , all our casting is carried out by Rob Alderman of Hysterical games

Martin Baker

Traditional Sculptor

Yann Hoarau

Traditional Sculptor

Dario Biancheri

Traditional Sculptor

Oli Piotrowski

Digital Sculptor

Jay Miller

Digital Sculptor

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