Painting Japanese tanks


Painting Japanese tanks is a lot easier than it first seems due to the manufacturing difficulties there was no real standard applied throughout the war. The official colour scheme identified below would have changed by tone shade etc throughout the war. Different theaters of operation could have had different suppliers, so generally there are some basic shades and as long as you get close its fine.

Our tanks are 1:72 scale so when using paints its always best to lighten them with pure white for scale effects we recommend 15-20% they will darken as you give then a weathering wash, most of the authentic pictures I have seen of Japanese tanks show significant weathering. The most difficult part is the yellow disruptive striping as you probably know yellow is not an easy colour to paint.  Its best to put a base coat of light grey or white then yellow stripe on top

I use Vallejo Model air and Vallejo paints We also use Hataka HTK-AS69 WW2 Imperial Japanese Army AFV paint set

Colour Vallejo Vallejo Model Air Hataka Notes
Pre-1942 Khaki (khaki-iro) Khaki 70.988 or

Green brown 70.879

Earth Green early primer 70.611 HTK-A240 IJA Khaki base colour in early IJA scheme (1937-42), used on various types of AFVs
Pre-1942 Mahogany brown (Tochi-iro) Flat brown 70.984 Camouflage pale brown 71.035 HTK-A241 IJA Tea brown used for disruptive shapes in early IJA camouflage scheme (1937-42)
Pre-1942 Olive green (Midori-iro) Luftwaffe camo green 70.823 IJA Midouri green 71.134 HTK-A242 IJA Olive green used for disruptive shapes in early IJA camouflage scheme (1937-42)
Yellow (disruptive striping) Flat yellow 70.953 IJA Chrome yellow 71.135 HTK-A107 Signal yellow Used for disruptive stripes in early IJA camouflage scheme (1937-42) on various types of AFVs
Post-1942 Khaki (karekusa-iro) Khaki 70.988 or middlestone 70.882 70.610 Surface primer Parched grass late HTK-A243 IJA parched grass IJA Parched Grass (Karekusa-iro), base colour in late IJA scheme (1943-45), used on various AFVs
Post-1942 brown (tochi-iro) Flat brown 70.984

Chocolate brown 70.872

71.042 Camouflage black brown HTK-A168 Dark brown Exact match with IJA Earth Brown (Tochi-iro), used in both early and late IJA schemes
Post-1942 Olive Green (tsutikusa-iro) Brown violet 70.887 608 US olive drab HTK-A169 Green Exact match with IJA Grass Green (Kusa-iro), used in late IJA camouflage scheme (1943-45)
Post-1942 green (kusa-iro9 Reflective green 79.890 71.093 Nato green HTK-A065 olive drab Close match with IJA Olive Green (late), used for disruptive shapes in late IJA scheme (1943-45)


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