SP_JAP_TK_005 Japanese South Pacific Type 2 Ki-Mi Amphibious tank


Type 2 Ki-Mi Amphibious tank

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The Type 2 Ka-Mi was based on the army’s Type 95 Ha-Go light tank, but with an all-welded hull with rubber seals in place of the riveted armor. It was intended to be water-tight. Large, hollow Pontoons made from steel plates were attached to the front glacis plate and rear decking to give the necessary buoyancy.[8] The front pontoon was internally divided into two “symmetrical sections” and each one was divided into three separate watertight compartments to minimize the effects of damage from flooding and shellfire. The pontoons were attached by a system of “small clips” with a release inside the tank, to be engaged once it landed for ground combat operations
Its gun turret had a high velocity 37mm gun and a coaxial type 97 light machine gun A second Type 97 light machine gun was located in the tank’s bow.
The tank was capable of attaining speeds of 10 km/h in the water with a range of 140 km through two propellers situated at the rear of the hull, powered by the tank’s engine. Steering was in the control of the tank commander, who operated a pair of rudders from the turret through cables. The crew included an onboard mechanic. It was the “best designed amphibious tank of the war”.

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