I would like to Invite everyone to our new Website, thank you for taking an interest we hope you like what you see and want to become a loyal customer as we build our ranges over the years.

The First large scale project we are going to tackle if the South Pacific Asian theater of war from the invasion of Manchuria until the final surrender of the Japanese. The figure scale is 20mm. The figures ranges will be extensive and as complete as possible and with your suggestions and help we can make this happen. The whole project is funded so the only delays are sculpting casting and production.  We have on board two digital sculptors and 3 hand sculptors, and Hysterical games are acting as our printing and casting house.

The ranges planned at the moment are:- (Bold currently ongoing)

Imperial Japanese Army:-  211 Figures 4 tanks 4 Guns Truck and scout car

Commonwealth troops Including British Malaya, British Burma, Chindits, Gurkhas, Indian regts, Australians:-   381 figures and support 4 tanks 5 guns 2 trucks

US Marines US army :- 109 Figures and support 3 guns 4 tanks 6 LVT variants

KNIL Dutch Indonesian army:-  50 figures and support 2 guns

Winter war Finns and Russians:- 101 Finnish figures and support 60 Russian figures and support 4 tanks 2 guns

British Airborne:-  138 Figures and support 2 guns  2 Jeeps with trailers

German late war Heer STG:-. 88 figures and support 3 vehicles 4 guns

SAS LRDG:- 71 figures and support4 vehicles

Korean War Communist:- 170 Chinese and N. Korean figures and support  2 guns

Korean War Allies UN:- 300 US British Australian and support  5 guns 4 vehicles


20mm MDF bashas:- we will have 6 South East Asia style buildings

This is the current plan we are working to and will take two years to completion. Of course, this may change slightly based on customer wants needs etc

We will develop this website to be an interactive tool, so customers will be able to review give feedback and suggestions for current and future products


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